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 [INFO] Set Daevanion 50 (en anglais)

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Les RöK
Les RöK

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Date d'inscription : 03/09/2009
Localisation : Belgique (pas loin de Walibi)

MessageSujet: [INFO] Set Daevanion 50 (en anglais)   Lun 9 Nov 2009 - 19:49

Voici ce que j'ai trouvé sur un forum, ceci correspond au déroulement de quêtes pour les Elyos, mais ceci vous donnera surtout une idée de quoi s'attendre pour l'obtention du set complet.

"Voici des infos que j'ai trouvé sur le net sur le set daevanion level 50 : La seule info vraiment interessante est liée a la quete 3 : il faut avoir un craft assez facile a critique au level 449 ( comme l'alchimie ou la cuisine ) pour facilité l'obtention d'une pièce de set ! Si quelqu'un need je traduirais ."

Because the amount of senseless crap generated in my previous thread is just unreal I decided to dig up some more details. Because the info comes from K-Aion I'm not going to attempt to translate the NPC names, but will only indicate where they're roughly. Source.

I imagine the Asmodian quest line is similar, but you never know.

Prerequisites: 1) Finish all campaign quests in each of the Elyos zones; 2) having done the lv30 Daevonian quest that gives you one piece of lv30 armor (not the weapon quest).

Quest 1: The Class Master's Consent (Boots):
* Starts in Sanctum.
* Talk to a bunch of NPCs in Sanctum, buy a 4.2 mil Oath Stone item from the accessory vendor, turn in quest.
* Yes the first one is that easy.

Quest 2: A Test of Intelligence Collecting (Gloves):
* Starts in Sanctum.
* Talk to some NPCs in Sanctum.
* Talk to a crapload of NPCs spread across all Elyos zones who only appear at certain times of the day.
* Buy the same Oath Stone item from Quest 1, turn in quest.

Quest 3: A Test of Fighting Prowess (Pauldrons):
* Starts in Sanctum.
* Talk to some NPCs in Sanctum.
* You need Medals of Sanctum, which can be obtained via a repeatable solo or group quest. You can do either or both. It's not known how many medals you'll need or what you'll be fighting for them.
* Buy an Oath Stone again and turn in quest.

Quest 4: A Test of Crafting Ability (Pants):
* Starts in Sanctum.
* Talk to the profession trainer of any of your craft that has reached 449 to obtain a special recipe (for free!).
* Critical this recipe (this is where you gonna need a crap load of Draconic materials if you have bad luck).
* Shell out another 4.2 mil for an Oath Stone, turn in quest.

Quest 5: A Test of Luck and Tenacity (Jacket):
* Starts in Sanctum.
* Buy a 3.4 mil tool that works like those gathering hats.
* Use the tool to search for a gatherable that appears at random in several zones. You need 20 of them. This is the luck part.
* You guessed it, buy another Oath Stone and turn in.

Quest 6: A Test of Loyalty and Teamwork (Weapon, including shield):
* Starts in Sanctum.
* Get 600 drops from a type of mob in Theobomos.
* Kill 300 of a type of mob in the abyss core.
* Enter the competitive Dreadgion battleground and defeat the boss captain (I guess you have to defeat the opposing team too).
* Buy an Oath Stone...
* Get 4000 DP and turn in the quest,
* In addition to the weapon you get the title of Holy Knight of Miragent which gives 80 HP, 3% movement, 2% attack speed and 2% cast speed.

Keep in mind the above is a translation of a translation and not first hand material so may be subject to change or outright inaccuracies. It is only to give a rough idea of the quest difficulty.
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Les RöK
Les RöK

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Localisation : Paris

MessageSujet: Re: [INFO] Set Daevanion 50 (en anglais)   Lun 9 Nov 2009 - 20:25

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Les RöK
Les RöK

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MessageSujet: Re: [INFO] Set Daevanion 50 (en anglais)   Mar 10 Nov 2009 - 1:49

y a masse boulot mdr
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MessageSujet: Re: [INFO] Set Daevanion 50 (en anglais)   

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[INFO] Set Daevanion 50 (en anglais)
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